A.V.A Dog Tag CBT Cup Schedule
The Closed Beta will run from 18 January until 31 January, with our first ESL cup starting on 20 January. There will be a total of four cups, in which the first three cups will be used as a qualifier for the final cup.

General Information

  • The Rules have been updated. Please visit the Rules on any cup page to see the changes
  • The GFXs have been updated on our website
  • There will be a total of 4 cups, all played on the EU server
  • All cups will be 5on5 Demolition Cups with a rotating map pool. Map banning will not be available in these cups
  • Add your new AVA Dog Tag IGN on the website in order to play
  • Signups 24h prior to the cup will grant you room creation access. Teams that signup later will not receive this perk and may be subject to delays

Cup Info

ESL Key Giveaway

We have teamed up with Redduck to giveaway waves of keys! On our first wave we are giving away 500 keys if you have a registered ESL account.

Get a CBT Key


The following prizes will be supported by Redduck for the Open Cups. These are:
  • Open Cup #1, #2 and #3 = $50 Steam Gift card to the Winning team
  • Grand Finals:
    • 1st = $300 Steam Gift Card to the team
    • 2nd = $200 Steam Gift Card to the team
    • 3rd = $100 Steam Gift Card to the team

Points System

We will be using a point system to determine qualification for the Final Cup. There will be 8 teams qualifying for this, being the teams with the most accumulated points during the three Open Cups. The distributed points per cup are listed below.
Place CBT Points
medal_gold_3.png 1. 100 CBT Points
medal_silver_3.png 2. 70 CBT Points
medal_bronze_3.png 3. 45 CBT Points
medal_bronze_3.png 4. 35 CBT Points
medal_bronze_3.png 5-8. 10 CBT Points
medal_bronze_3.png 9-16. 5 CBT Points
medal_bronze_3.png 17-32. 2 CBT Points
medal_bronze_3.png 33-64. 1 CBT Point

*you have to play at least one match to be eligible to receive the prizes.

Quick Rules

  • ESL Wire & MOSS are required in this tournament
  • 3/5 players must be residing in Europe
  • Europe includes all the European Countries, plus North Africa and Middle East. These regions are serviced on the European Server by Redduck
  • All games will be played on the European Server
  • Ping limit of 180 applies
  • Signups 24h prior to the cup will grant you room creation access. Teams that signup later will not receive this perk and may be subject to delays
  • Room settings:
    • A password must be applied to the room
    • Victory Condition: 13 rounds, 7 wins
    • Maximum Personnel: 10 players
    • Friendly Fire: On
    • Spectators: On
    • Auto Team Balance: Off
    • 3rd Person Spectating: Off


We will be using 6 maps in total, which will be rotated around for every subsequent row. This means that in Ro32, you will have different maps than in Row 16 and onwards. This will be generated from our end, so you'll see the maps on the match page.

We will be using the following maps during the CBT Cups:

  • Airplane
  • Aslan
  • Black Scent
  • Dual Sight
  • Hammer Blow
  • India


Streams will be provided by MythSky. If you wish to stream games or commentate on them, please contact MythSky #7256 on the ESL AVA Discord.

Watch the ESL Streams here

Additional Information

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If you have any questions you can contact the following admins:
Ink, MythSky, Kyoushi, Dre4M, Alex 'Norqi' Gones, kron98, Ayzee and Dreamlnc

You can also contact us by submitting a Support Ticket or the A.V.A Forum.
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